Thursday, September 27, 2007

Reading to Momma -- posted by John

No matter if I'm 50 years old, I will always love Dick and Jane books. You need to know this: when you experience something in your childhood, it will always be an important memory. Dick and Jane and Sally were always fun and good. There is never any fighting like on TV in those books. They are a good boy and girl and baby. I wish they had more kids, but three is good enough.

I'll never stop reading them even though I have much more reading skills. Those books make me feel happy and clean. There's a lot of love in their home and they're always doing something fun like painting boats.

I read Toad and Frog to Momma today because I love reading to her. Sometimes she lies down on the sofa facing the back and I sit next to her head. She looks up at me like Puss-in-Boots. She laughs and smiles at all the right places and if I struggle with a word, she usually knows what it is.

Sometimes we sit across from each other and put our feet in each other's chair. Sometimes we get in the bed with each other and cuddle up close when we read to each other. Sometimes one of us sits on the floor with our back up against the sofa while the other one lies down on the sofa propped up on the arm with a cushion under their head. Sometimes one of us is on one end of the sofa and the other one is on the other end of the sofa propped up facing each other with our legs and feet tangled all up.

I hate when I have to leave her like when I have to clear the table, check the chickens, give another kid their turn, do math, yada, yada, yada.

If Mom and I could read to each other and sip tea and eat dried mangoes for the rest of my life, I would. And maybe we could watch movies and cook together, too.

I wish Mom and I were like the movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Remember how the Captain walked around in that cottage by the sea thinking of his book and she wrote it? That would be fun!

Spencer got a weight set and bench for his birthday. I can lift the bar a whole inch.

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