Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday before "The Third Saturday in September" -- posted by Spencer

This morning Will and I helped unload the grain shipment that contained our wheat order. It was almost 12,000 lbs so we got our exercise for the day and we were able to finish before lunch.

We enjoyed Mrs. Kroske (our grain lady), Mr. Kroske, their children, and Rock - a family friend who was a real kick! Mrs. Kroske has been very helpful in educating Mom on whole grains.

Awhile back Mom and Sarah Grace switched our diet to freshly ground whole grains and raw foods. They've been learning to soak and sprout grains and have incorporated more fermented foods. They are eliminating refined and pasteurized food as they find the alternatives available. It has been a major lifestyle change.

Now that we know the Kroskes, we can avoid a lot of the trial and error of going it alone since they've been grinding their own wheat for years. Fortunately they are in our area and available to answer questions and supply grains.


I don't want Will and I to overdo the football entries; however, this is football season and that wouldn't be difficult to do. Here are a few comments on the classic SEC rivalry being played tomorrow in Gainesville between the Tennessee Volunteers and the Florida Gators.

I think the game will have the makings for a good old-fashioned shootout with Ainge and Tebow throwing for more than six combined TDs. Ainge should play well against the talented but inexperienced Florida secondary and Tennessee needs to run the ball efficiently to stay in the game.

I think Tebow will have an excellent game both passing and running against a defense that has struggled.

WR Caldwell's injury will only marginally effect the Gators, especially in light of the torn ACL sustained by CB Antonio Gaines.

Keys to the Game:
Tennessee needs to run the ball and stop the big play.
Florida needs to play to their potential.

Urban Meyer should keep The Swamp undefeated with a score of 41-34.

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